Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Components of the Best Care Package Ever

~ Meat, any and all of it. I’ve even seen packaged, no refrigeration needed bacon. Both deeply disturbing and delicious.

~ Cheese. Velveeta, Cougar cheese, those cheeses that people send their relatives for Christmas. We have locally made cheese here… but it puts me at risk for tuberculosis.

~ Pictures! Pictures of you, your pets, your garden, your surroundings. It’s a little piece of America for me, plus, villagers love looking at them and always have questions about the US.
~ CD’s: if you send me blank ones I’ll send you pictures!

~ Stationary; (while we’re on the subject of what I can send you)

~ Shampoo. It’s sold here, but it doesn’t suds up and it seems like the angrier I get at the lack of suds, the waterier the shampoo becomes.

~ Trashy magazines. Yeah I know. You’re above it and will probably even be embarrassed buying them, but you’re not here and we are, and here, none of us are exempt from the pull of US Weekly, People, In Touch, and In Style.

~ Ice Cream. No, just kidding

~ Dried Fruits and Vegetables. I like them all. And I'm desperate. Sometimes I eat leaves.

~ Maple Syrup. I can make pancakes, and French toast, but when I’m done they just look up at me, all golden brown and barren and I can tell that they’re wondering where the syrup is.

~ Taco Bell mild sauce, or any fast food sauce packets. Generally, the bigger and more evil the corporation, the longer their shelf life.

~ Coffee, whole bean -I have a grinder here. Think of it as me saving African babies one milligram of caffeine at a time.

~ Anything chocolate.

I'll go ahead and bold this part:

Natalie Beck
Corps de la Paix
B.P. 89
Konni, Niger
West Africa


Blogger Marianas Life said...

Natalie, we'll be sending you a little somein somein soon. just noticed your comment on my blog from way way back. i'm bad i know should have been in touch sooner.

bree and doug

10:15 PM  
Blogger winona said...


I love you, and I know you have been enjoying the various renditions of "meat" I have been sending you!! So proud of you for organizing the "tournee" and riding your bike across the country to raise awareness in the context of "AIDS". I would not be the least bit surprised if Bono got wind and joined your efforts at some future date. You know our family. Nothing is unexpected or impossible.

Love Always,


10:41 AM  

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